In general, a trademark is defined as anything that distinctly separates a person, a firm or legal entity. It is considered intellectual property (IP), and therefore the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam is the primary authority body approving trademark applications.

In a developing country like Vietnam, piracy is still prevalent. With that being said, even renowned international brands may suffer from trademark infringement. Registering your trademark in Vietnam early will help to protect your rights. Once done, you can take legal actions and file lawsuits against unauthorised use of your trademark.

Since it takes up to two years to obtain a trademark certificate, you are highly advised to register your trademark as soon as possible, especially when the rule “first-come-first-served” applies.


Intellectual Property Right Consultant

It is mandatory for foreign applicants for trademark registrations to file for the processing of their application via a local IP consultant with a signed Power of Attorney and Declaration of Entitlement

Trademark Market Research

We will make sure that the trademark you intend to register has not been registered by a different entity. We will also confirm that your trademark is in compliance with the Trademark Act and values in Vietnam.

Certified Translation

As your trademark application must be submitted in Vietnamese language, we are able to provide translation services. All your requested documents will be translated accordingly, so that they are understood by native Vietnamese.

Trademark Application

Once all documents have been prepared and translated, your trademark registration application is ready to go. We will do all the required preparation and submit the application on your behalf.

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